Museum of everything

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Last weekend, I was walking down the streets of Saint Germain-Des-Près, when I stumbled upon a place that made me think that I was not on the left-bank, although actually I was.

OK, that was quite a shitty introduction.

And well, this place is actually the Museum of Everything.  350 000 people have already visited their installation in London, Turin and Moscow, and now they are opening their Parisians doors from the 15TH Oct. to the 16Th Dec. 2012, thanks to the Chalet Society Project launched by Marc-Olivier Wahler (previous Director of le Palais De Tokyo).

Located at the 14th Boulevard Raspail, Paris 7, here’s what you’ll see from the outside:

Inside, you’ll discover more than 500 art works displayed all around the quiet classes of an old catholic seminary. Paintings, drawing, sculptures, installations: we instantly become the spectator of the meeting between art brut and contemporary art during the visit of this Exhibition #1.1.

Infortunately, I couldn’t pull out my camera inside: more than 300 notices were hung all around the museum, saying « PHOTOS FORBIDEN, FINE = 1000 EUROS « .  No picture indeed, but trust me: you won’t be disappointed.

Artists, self-taught, visionary, unusual and yet still anonymous for most of them, have been indirectly selected by other great artists, collectors or people with influence who have someday written a text about them. Besides, each piece have been selected according to those text. Thanks to this project, the art brut that is usually associated to a very institutional universe, is here at the heart of a pleasant and warming stage.  

Well, it is an exhibition you absolutely have to see, whether you are young, old, art lover or simply curious !

Have a nice week!


The Museum of Everything
From 15th Oct. to 16th Dec 2012
14, boulevard Raspail
75 007 Paris