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HUIS-CLOS is the artistic project on which Amélie Chassary and Lucie Belarbi are working since 2009. Both girls have chosen to put their different qualities in common, in order to lead to these series of photographs. They have defined their own codes, and also conceptualized and composed all facilities stagings.

And what an amazing series of photos!

I am a total fan: I love the colors and the global atmosphear, all the little details and the stagings well thought in each of the picture.

On their blog, we can read (translated by myself, sorry for the bad english!):

« The Huis-Clos suscribes fictional characters into re-visited family rituals and customs. Thei photographic approach emphazises the link that everyone has with the place we live in and the objects we own.  Voluntarily contextualized, volumes sublime attachment and become new objects of staging. »


Amélie Chassary and Lucie Belarbi
Exhibition from 2nd Nov to 1st Dec 2012
Galerie Mademoiselle Lang (Paris 20)